Quality In Our Service
Seven Ways We Add Value 
 1. Help you grow via mergers & acquisitions.
 2. Coordinate the accounting and non-core business processes on an ongoing basis.

 3. Accurate and timely financial reporting.
 4. Business adviser to the owner.
 5. Improve business processes, internal controls, policies and procedures.
 6. Develop long-term strategic plans as a framework for decision making.
 7. Assist in bringing your business to the next level by increasing revenues and profits.
If these Seven Values fit with your business model give A3 Accounting Associates, Inc. a call Today.  We can bring your business up to speed and make a stable platform in which your business will run on.  Let's get together and talk.
Roy F. Lanza, Principal
• Phone: 914-777-1225
• Email: Lanza1111@msn.com
We are committed to doing business with integrity and respect for people and the world around us.  Thank you for your business. 
"Providing customized solutions for your accounting and business needs."
"Mergers & Acquisitions Specialists"