Quality In Our Service
Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Restructurings
We are experienced professionals with diversified talents that actively work with our national clients to help achieve their goals.  This usually entails assisting with growth strategies via acquisitions of similar or complementary businesses.  Whether its buying an existing competitor or branching into a new geographic location, we are here to help you with your M&A. Or we may assist with a divesture or an exiting strategy to sell the business, i.e. a 'cash out' plan. 
• M&A Advisor and Investment Banking
When it's the right time for you we can help you find qualified buyers, we can sell your business, no upfront costs or commitments, we mediate between buyer and seller, we have expert and knowledgeable people in this area available to help you sell your business who know the ins and outs of getting the deal done.  We also assist with finding businesses for you to acquire i.e. buyer-side advisory.
• Business Valuations
A3 Accounting can help you accurately determine the value of your business. We conduct an independent study of the ongoing business as of a certain date that will help determine the business’s fair market value.  Each business is different and requires a set of relevant valuation metrics.  The valuations are structured, logical, adequately supported, and utilize proper methodology.  They are used for multiple purposes, such as financing and recapitalizations, purchase price allocations, mergers & acquisitions, spin-offs, corporate restructuring, sale or purchase of a business, partner or shareholder buyouts, and fairness opinions.
• Due Diligence
We can help with verification of the reliability of financial information. Ensuring that reliable information is both accurate and complete and reflects a true representation of the business' performance.
• Debt & Equity Capital
We offer assistance with arranging debt and equity capital, restructuring and amending existing credit facilities, and maintaining effective and productive relationships with lenders, private equity groups, and other investors. 
• Restructurings
We assist in corporate restructuring such as asset selloffs or divestures, spinoffs, equity carve-outs, financial restructuring, as well as cost and workforce restructuring.  Companies that have acquired other firms or have developed other divisions through  activities such as product extensions may decide that these divisions no longer fit into the company's plans.  The desire to sell parts of a company may come from poor performance of a division, financial exigency, or a change in the strategic orientation of the company.  For example, the company may decide to refocus on its core business and see off noncore subsidiaries.   
Accounting/Bookkeeping Services
Our firm offers a complete range of accounting services, including general ledger, systems, month-end closing, bookkeeping, receivables, payables, payroll, project costing, coordinate annual audits, banking relationships and financing, oversee bookkeeping staff, interim staffing, succession planning, fixed assets and inventory.  We prepare financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for use by banks, investors, and other third parties. Our firm will also prepare custom financial reports for internal, managerial use.
• Financial Statements
Our firm prepares professional, GAAP-compliant financial statements as well as tailor-made financial analysis that can help business owners and managers eliminate inefficiency and realize a business’s full profit potential.  We offer full Review and Compilation services. 
• CFO/Controller                                                          
Are you loosing tens of thousands of dollars each year without even realizing it.  Many companies do not need a full-time CFO or Controller.  It's probably costing you about 150% of their salary to retain them on a full-time basis (such hidden costs are employer payroll taxes, benefits, days off work, etc.).  Instead we get compensated only for the work that we perform.  You will still get a very highly skilled professional.  But we may be able to do it for around half the cost.  That is an immediate cost reduction for you!  It is money in the bank for you, and it is has a positive and immediate net profit impact showing your company is earning more. And, all information remains confidential and secure.  With our staff's corporate experience at these senior financial leadership positions, we are specialists in this area. 
• Bookkeeping/Write-Up
We provide full-charge bookkeeping services, including general journal and subsidiary ledger maintenance, bank statement reconciliation, account analysis and reconciliation, billing, credit and collections, receivables and payables tracking and analysis.
• Business Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting and Cash Flow
Our firm offers expert strategic business planning, budget compilation and reporting, financial forecasting and analysis, cash flow reporting that can help you manage cash, minimize cost overruns, lost purchase discounts, and un-collectible receivables.  Many of our clients state that these value-added services are indispensable.
• Outsourcing/Payrolling                                                          
This is a huge cost saving approach whereby the accounting work is performed by us at your office, our office, or a combination of the two methods.  This involves mostly all of the accounting staff being A3 employees, and yet still under your control.  Having them as A3 employees should save you tens of thousands of dollars each year, if not more.  It is probably costing you 150% of their salary to retain them (such hidden costs are employer payroll taxes, benefits, days off work, etc.). Instead we get compensated only for the work that we perform.  You will still have a very skilled staff.  But we may be able to do it for around half the cost.  That's a ton of money saved!  This is an immediate cost reduction for you!  It is money in the bank for you, and it has a positive and immediate net profit impact showing your company is earning more.  And, all information remains confidential and secure.  Payrolling - we can also put your other employees on our payroll so that you do not need to pay them a large fringe benefits ratio yet they and the work they do are still under your full control. Keep more of the money you make by hiring us today.
• Taxation and Compliance                                                         
We manage almost every type of tax and compliance filings and issues related to your business or governmental organization
• Administration                                                       
We can coordinate other administrative areas of the organization as well.  Including, clerical, HR, office help, legal, and IT.   
Direct Employer & Staffing
We ae committed to retaining the right professional quality people to work within your organization.  We can be the direct employer by keeping them on our payroll or recruit for your business.  Finance, including administrative non-core functions that are not part of Operations,is one of three major components of any organization. A specialty of ours is putting quality people to work in an office environment either as our employee or as our client’s employee. Ergo, we handle most industries.
IT & Project Management
We offer IT service professionals and project/program managers of all levels. We would be happy to discuss this further with you.  
Strategic planning, budget and analysis
We provide expert business plans that create a great pathway for your organizations future direction.  We also put business planning systems in place that clearly cascade the business plan throughout all levels of the organization. Such systems will assist us in determining the extent to which the company’s strategies are successful in attaining its goals – Strategy Control. It will communicate the strategy to all levels of the organization whereby the vision, mission and strategy are translated into simple operational terms – Strategy Execution.  
For example, a performance management system should help create a high-performance organization by aligning the organization and human capital pieces needed to get to a high performance level. Blended into this framework are: quality improvement, process improvement, employee productivity level increases, and decrease costs. A performance management system could be utilized as both a corporate governance and operational tool.
   Governance tool – the board should have involvement in such an initiative.
      • To communicate their strategy
      • To broaden discussions at board meetings
      • To improve deliberations
   Operational tool – management should participate for the following reasons.
      • To translate the organization’s strategy into tangible objectives and measures
      • To communicate the strategy downward
      • To provide organized regular reports to the board on progress on the strategic plan
      • As a future road map, as opposed to an accounting system that measures events of the past
     • To visualize the cause-and-effect linkages between outcomes in the financial and customer perspectives and the drivers of those outcomes: the value proposition, critical internal processes, and human, information, and organization capital
      • To implement strategy into operations
      • To align employees’ individual objectives
In a competitive environment we are under pressure to lower costs, improve the quality and efficiency of operations, introduce new products and services that make profits, and eliminate products and services that are incurring losses. Accurate, timely, and relevant information about the economics and performance of organizations is crucial to organizational success. The will be reflected in an integrated performance measurement system.
Once the budget and strategy is in place we will expertly prepare annual budgets.  We will then track the budget to actual performance and provide variance explanations
Management & Consulting
We provide interim management of your business or act as business consultants to transform the organization into an efficent and effective machine.  In doing so we can analyze almost every aspect of the busness then provide recommendations that will have positive impact on the bottom line.  
Records Management 
A3 is a cutting edge provider of secure document storage for a range of industries. With the introduction of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the need for secure electronic document storage for the medical industry has become a must. Learn how A3 can help bring your storage into the modern electronic age. We offer a number of services including secure data and record transfer and storage as well as document destruction for any industry.
Our well-designed and cost effective document management systems eliminate the hassle of spatial issues brought about by filing cabinets and paper files as well as those costly purchases for additional file space. Eliminate the need for physical storage space by updating to a secure electronic system with A3.
We provide customized solutions to fullfill your unique needs.  So if you do not see something listed above it does not mean that we do not do it.  Call us at 914-777-1225.